Solar Panel Installation

As part of our aim to become one of the leading construction companies, as well as showing eco construction is possible, we have added another option to our services portfolio and another way we can save our clients even more money.

We are now proud to offer solar panel installation as another of our great services.

We now offer both domestic & commercial installation to our clients.

Give us a call on 01204 371111 to find out more information.

We have found a large demand from our current clients to offer this service as it provides a long term solution to rising bill prices.

There are commercial grants/tariffs available to corporate users to reduce with the cost of the investment in solar panels. At Solutions Contractors, we would do all the necessary checks to see if you are legible.

The advantages of having the panels at home are that you can apply to a Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) scheme. This scheme enables the user to get payment returns on unused electricity which is produced by the panels.

We only use MCS certified fitters, which is what is required for the FIT payments but it also means that the installers we use are certified to the industry standard.

Planning permission is not usually required for the installation of panels, but you can ring us on 01204 371111 to check.

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